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Are there ever times when you feel alone? You may be a person that has lots of friends or even family, but you may go through times in which you feel misunderstood, out of place, or alone because the people closest to you, don’t really get you! There are times when we can be surrounded by people but still feel like we’re alone. One of the greatest lessons of the Bible is that no matter how alone we may feel, regardless of the circumstances, God is always present with us.

The final episode of our series on suffering and illness, the panel discusses the woman with the issue of blood and Jairus' daughter. What does the Bible mean by the "Prayer of Faith". Could we see more miracles if there were more faith? Is God ever too late? Can lack of faith hinder miracles? Why did Jesus choose not to perform miracles around people present who lacked faith?

Part 7 of Ever-Present: When I'm Suffering Illness continues. What does Jesus do in response to Lazarus' death? Did everyone believe as a result? Are there times when we think God is too late? Do miracles still happen today? Why did God allow Lazarus to die at first? Are there times when our hangups prevent miracles? How can prayer change situations?

Does God always hear prayers for healing? If an answer to prayer doesn't come, does that mean God has abandoned us? Is there a such thing as too late for God? Does God still work miracles even in our post modern world? How can we have faith in God when prayers are not always answered? How can we believe He loves us when healing doesn't come when we think it should? Were there any examples of Jesus delaying answers to petitions from someone He loved? What can we learn about from these stories about why God doesn't always heal right away?

Does God care about human dignity and self esteem? What is the connection between self-worth and physical illness? How does the sin problem contribute to the triggers that cause illnesses like eating disorders and mental health challenges? Did God create human beings to have low self esteem and doubts? When family challenges, life disappointments, job requirements, and high expectations make us feel low, how can a knowledge of God put things in proper perspective and aid us in maintaining our health and physical well being?

Does God care about self-imposed illnesses? Are there ailments and illnesses which are brought upon us by pressures in our society to conform to certain ideals or standards? Can we get sick when we don't have a right view of ourselves or when we don't see ourselves the way God sees us? Who was the first person to struggle with self image? Does Satan still work to deceive people with unrealistic self-expectations today? Does God have a plan for people with low self-esteem, poor self image, or people who struggle with body image or eating disorders?

Part 3 of "When I'm Suffering Illness" on Ever-Present focuses on the health and medical professions? Is going to the doctor contrary to God's plan? If there are many who don't believe in God within the medical professions does that mean that Christians shouldn't get professional help when they are burdened with diseases and illness? Can true believers only be healed by miracles or does God bless people in the medical professions whether or not they acknowledge Him? Can it be proven from the Bible that God uses non-believers to be a blessing to believers?

Part 2 of our series on God's presence when suffering illness. If both Christians and non-believers alike get sick, is there truly a benefit to following God? What are some of the factors that contribute to sickness and disease? Can God still work miracles when we get sick? Can I live how I want and by faith rebuke my sickness? Does disease mean that God isn't present in my life or that he has abandoned me?

Are you, or is someone you know, suffering from a terrible disease or illness? Is it something terminal or debilitating? Have you ever found yourself wondering why this has happened to you and why God allows you to go through suffering? Do you pray but not see the answers you’re looking for? At times of hardship like when you or someone you love is sick, it can be hard to see that God is Ever-Present.

How do I raise children in the post modern age? Does God care when we struggle to share and translate our values with the youth? What can we learn from the Bible about parenting? How can I be sure that I'm doing my best as a parent? Should children be allowed to do whatever they want? How does a parent know what battles to fight? What if my children don't want to be spiritual?

Part 4 to the presentation on the Bible, Pastor Mirra discusses manuscript evidence making a compelling case for belief in the Bible. How does the Bible's reliability compare with that of other ancient manuscripts like the writings of Socrates, Plato, and other historical figures? Does the record show we can trust the Bible? What does all this mean for God's presence in our lives today?

Pastor Michael Mirra speaks on the trust worthiness of the Bible as he explores the writings and arguments of those who say the Bible can't be trusted. He also begins to expound on the manuscript evidence and history associated with the Bible to provide us with solid reasons for faith. Does the historical record show we can trust the Bible? Did Jesus really exist? Did Jesus really do the things told to us in the Bible? Did Moses write the first 5 books?

This week Pastor Michael Mirra focuses on attacks against the Word of God and the inclination of man to resist and not hear or listen to the Word of God. There were times in history when the Bible was not always available to the common person. But was the Bible meant to be read and available to everyone? Were the dark ages because of the Bible, or did the Bible bring us out of the dark ages? Why are there so many who twist the word of God? How do we know that Moses really wrote the first five books? What was so special about Moses? Could the Bible have been written by interest groups of the time?

Is the Bible really God's Word? Does it really speak to us today? Does God really have a message for us? Why should people read the Bible and what can it teach us? Can we get closer to God by spending time with it? How did Jesus relate to the Bible when He was here on earth? How does the Bible reveal God's presence in our world today?

Does God care about our future? How has God been active in humanity's past? Are human beings meant to know the future? Why would God reveal such a thing? Does anything take God by surprise? With all the turmoil in our world today, is there any hope for the future? What is God revealing to us now? How has God revealed Himself in human history? Pastor Mirra focuses on Daniel 2 and 7 showing God's presence in our history.

Does God care when we're at our lowest point? Can we ever do so much wrong or mess up so bad that God can't forgive us? When God forgives do our actions still have consequences? Is it a sign of weakness to admit when you're wrong? Pastor Mirra follows the story of Manasseh which has much to say to hearts too proud to repent, even when they are brought to really low places in life.

How should we conduct ourselves in the work place? Can God use us to be a blessing to those we work for and with? Should it matter how a representative of God behaves in the work place? Does religion have a place at work? What do you do when your boss, co-worker, or supervisor is unreasonable, critical, and untrusting? What happens when someone knew comes in and changes everything you used to love about work?

Have you ever been frustrated and over worked by the demands and expectations of your employer? Does your job sometimes take away from things that are important? Do you often feel as if you have no time to focus on your spiritual life? God created work for a purpose, but humanity has strayed far from God's designs for work. We explore the Creation story and Exodus to understand God's plan for human employment.

In the post election season there is much unrest. As people disagree over politics and other matters, violence sometimes takes the place of communication. How can we still be Christians even in the midst of disagreement? As many protests erupt, some have chosen to go to extremes. Should Christians follow the crowd? Are people's actions justified by their cause? What if the cause is right? Can the message of unity be heard amidst divisiveness? Where is God when people are choosing sides and the future seems so bleak?

What does the Bible say about depression? Does God care about how we feel? When we encounter situations in life that leave us in despair, how can God be the answer? How does the story of Job illustrate the way in which God can be an Ever-Present help in our times of need and suffering? Whether it be job loss, the loss of a partner, a failure or setback, a death of someone close, or something that makes you feel hopeless and lost, God is an ever-present help!

How does God deal with Jonah after trying to hide? What might this mean for how God deals with us? What was the belly of the fish designed to teach Jonah? What can we learn from God even while at the lowest points of our lives? What does Jonah's name mean and what lessons can we learn from it about how God transforms our lives today? How could our darkest moments in life be used by God to bring us into the light of understanding?

What are the ways in which we hide from God? How does God get involved in our lives when we run from what He asks us to do? How can our choices impact the lives of others around us? How can God use situations in which we make mistakes to reach others, especially after we have been poor witnesses? Can God use unbelievers to reach backsliden believers? Can the difficulties we face in our lives sometimes be God drawing us back into relationship with Him? Can we be spiritually sleeping while others with less light than we have are more awake than we are?

Can a person really hide from God? What are the ways in which people hide from God today? How does God respond when people reject His calling? How does the story of Jonah illustrate God's dealings with humanity as we sometimes stray and do our own thing? Do we really trust that what God wants for us is really what is best for us?

How did Rebecca know that this relationship was going to work out? Why did she agree to marry a man she had never met? How does this relate to how God leads in relationships today? What practical advise can we take from these events about relationships and God's leading? How does Proverbs 5 suggest we should deal with relationships that don't follow these principles? How can we find the right person if there's no one of interest in our local churches? What effect does sex before marriage have on a relationship? How can one's ability to recognize compatibility be compromised?

How do you pray for God's help in finding the right person? How would you know if God answered the prayer? Does God perform miracles to let you know when to move forward? What can we expect from God today? Does God give signs when we've found our match? Are there warning signs when we haven't? To what extent does character play a role in looking for the right person? What qualities make a good potential spouse? Should spiritual concerns be the only concerns or are their more practical matters that need to be considered. How did Eliezer know Rebeccah was right for Isaac? How can we know today?

This week we continue the exploration of Isaac and Rebecca's love story in hopes to understand how God introduces us to the right person to fall in love with. How should a person's ministry play a role in whether or not someone is right for them? To what extent does family play a positive and negative role in godly relationships? Should the right partner take you away from the path God has you on or the ministry God has chosen for you? Can we trust God to be part of the process? What are the four facets to a Christian relationship and how do they relate to us today? Do reality TV shows like the bachelor and the bachelorette hold the secrets to successful Christian relationships?

John Spellman hosts Ever-Present focusing on dating and relationships. Does God have a soul mate just for you? Does God care about dating and relationships? Why is spirituality important to finding a holistic match? Where should I look for the right one for me? What can we learn from the story of Isaac and Rebecca about finding your happily ever-after in today's world? If you're wondering how God can make the difference in your love story, you'll love this episode.

This week we focus on dating and relationships. Does God care about who we love? How does the story of Samson reveal God's plan for Christian dating? Should we always trust our eyes? Does race or faith matter when choosing a partner? What happens if you choose the wrong person? Should you get a divorce? The story of Samson reveals some some powerful truth that could ensure long lasting happiness for those seeking to find their soul mate. If you, or someone you know is looking for love, this lesson is for you.

Pastor Mirra continues with part 2 of "When I Feel Like God Has Abandoned Me". In the conclusion of the story of Joseph, God comes through for Joseph in an amazing and unforseen way. Many reach points in their lives in which they feel abandoned and forgotten. Joseph had reach a point in his life in which he had every reason to feel abandoned and forgotten. Yet, Joseph held on to his faith and trusted God. God was working behind the scenes in Joseph's situation, the way He may be working on your situation. Find out how in this week's episode.

Ever-Present: When I Feel Like God Has Abandoned Me (Episode 4)

Have you ever been through situations where you felt abandoned by God? Are there times in your life where you wondered if God was really present? When things go wrong, does it mean God is not there or that He doesn't care? As we look at the story of Joseph, you'll be surprised that in the darkest of situations, God is still ever-present.

Have you ever found personalities difficult to deal with? Are there some strong personalities in your life that many find hard to adjust to? Whether in your marriage, friendships, home, church, work, or your community, sometimes people commit crimes against relationships. Why is it so hard to be kind to others? Where does God fit in with all this? Does God care about relationships? Does He have the power to fix broken ones? If so, how? Find out this week on Ever-Present.

Have you ever had a problem that you wanted to hide from everyone around you? Are there things in your life you wish no one knew about? Why is the world the way it is? Why do we see so much corruption, greed, disease, sickness, and problems as we observe the world around us? Is God still involved in the affairs of humanity? Where was God when everything started going wrong? Can we trust that God is still present today even in the midst of political and moral turmoil? Man hides from God, but God is ever-present and seeking out humanity. Where are you?


Ever-Present, an interactive Bible based talk show, explores how God is invested in the affairs of humanity. God cares about people. He is Ever-Present in our lives working on our behalf in ways we don't always realize. In this episode Pastor Mirra focuses on how human beings often have stormy moments in life that take us by surprise. When disaster strikes or bad things happen, where is God? This episode focuses on the story of Jesus calming a terrible storm, while His disciples were in panic, to illustrate how God often does the same thing in our lives.This first episode in the ongoing series is hosted by Pastor Michael Mirra.

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