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Watch our video sermon archive of past messages preached at the Babylon SDA Church. We hope that you will be blessed by the messages and encouraged to join us in person. 
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Pastor Michael Mirra preaches on the two sons in Jesus' parable. What can we learn from this story about our christian experience today?

Jeroboam was seeking to grow his establishment. He spared no expenses in beauty, lively music, and impressive display. As many church leaders seek to grow the church today, what is the key to true growth? What are the challenges working against this today? How can we know if we're in the right place?

Elder Eugene Heinlein preaches a messages on Creationism and the Christian perspective. Our Youth are under attack today and often don't get to hear the full story. Is there a case for Creation?

The women of Babylon SDA church lead out on Women's Day 2018. What powerful messages can we learn from the Bible about women?

Based on Ezekiel 37, Elder John Spellman speaks on the vitality of a church. What makes a church alive and well? How does this relate to Ezekiel's vision of the dry bones? What is needed for revival in the church today?

Afternoon segment with Natalie Spellman speaking on Millenials leaving the church.

Sirius Taylor speaks on the blessing of being blind. Sermon focuses on the story of Jesus healing a blind man who did not sin nor did his parents sin. Is it possible that many of us receive hardship that is our greatest blessing.

Youth Day Full Service

Elder Lou Pescatoure speaks on the topic of worship. What does it mean to truly worship God?

Pastor Michael Mirra speaks on the significance of the cleansing of the sanctuary.

We are living in an age of doubt. But is God still working miracles today?

Pastor Michael Mirra speaks on the events surrounding the life of Christ and his cursing of the fig tree after entering Jerusalem.

Elder John Spellman speaks about decision making. What is the most important decision a person will make? What does it mean to choose between death and life, blessing and cursing? How does this fit in with the state of affairs in the world today? Is time running out? Is a famine coming?

Pastor Michael Mirra speaks on the triumphal entry of Jesus into Jerusalem.

Chaplain Paulette Heinlein preaches on Natural Church Development and God's plan for ministry. She speaks to spiritual gifts and how we are called to service in different ways.

Pastor Mirra discusses the responsibility we have to each other especially in the church context. Does God really hold us accountable?

Dr. Michael Parrinello preaches on the temptations of Christ in the wilderness. How did Jesus resist the devil with the 3 major temptations. What can we learn from this that will help us as we struggle to overcome and gain victory over sin?

Pastor Michael Mirra discusses mans search for a God who is already seeking them focusing on the story of Zacchaeus and parables about seeking what is lost.

What does it mean to fight the good fight of faith? Elder Eugene Heinlein preaches on faith.

What does it mean to be living or dead according to the Bible? How does this apply to the church? How does this apply to us as individuals? How does the way God looks at death contrast with how the world sees death?

Who is the end time Elijah? How does the story of Ahab, Jezebel, and Elijah parallel that of John the Baptist and the church of today in the last days? Is the church prepared to teach Elijah's message? Pastor Michael Mirra speaks on the Rain of Truth.

Elder Lou Pescatore preached on the subject of discipleship. What does it take to be a disciple? How can we be used by the Holy Spirit.

Elder Eugene Heinlein speaks on the subject of the temple. Based on Isaiah 66:1. Focusing on what was, what is, and what is to come.

Elder Eugene Heinlein preaches a short sermon on Christmas and it's origins and is followed by the choir singing several holiday favorites.

The children of the Babylon SDA Church sing along side the puppeteers as they perform the annual Christmas program. Ruth Aponte hosts.

Why did Jethro councel Moses to delegate responsibility? What can we learn about this in terms of church leadership today? How should those called by God relate to those who are willing, spiritually gifted, and able to work? Should the church be ruled with an iron fist?

John Spellman speaks on the story of Elijah and Ahab. Ahab calls Elijah the troubler of Israel, but was that really true? How has blaming the messenger been an issue throughout Christian History? Who are the troublers of Israel today? Elijah was called to trouble the conscience of those who did evil. Today, God is calling those willing to stand for what is right.

Pastor Michael Mirra preaches on the subject of "The Family". What is God's plan for the human family? What does the Bible teach about the Biblical institution of marriage? What should the household dynamic look like? Is the Bible outdated when it teaches that wives should submit to their own husbands and husbands should love their wives? How should children be raised?

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