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Watch our video sermon archive of past messages preached at the Babylon SDA Church. We hope that you will be blessed by the messages and encouraged to join us in person. 
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Why did Jethro councel Moses to delegate responsibility? What can we learn about this in terms of church leadership today? How should those called by God relate to those who are willing, spiritually gifted, and able to work? Should the church be ruled with an iron fist?

John Spellman speaks on the story of Elijah and Ahab. Ahab calls Elijah the troubler of Israel, but was that really true? How has blaming the messenger been an issue throughout Christian History? Who are the troublers of Israel today? Elijah was called to trouble the conscience of those who did evil. Today, God is calling those willing to stand for what is right.

Pastor Michael Mirra preaches on the subject of "The Family". What is God's plan for the human family? What does the Bible teach about the Biblical institution of marriage? What should the household dynamic look like? Is the Bible outdated when it teaches that wives should submit to their own husbands and husbands should love their wives? How should children be raised?

Dr. Michael Parrinello preaches on the importance of making sure that we invest in what counts. Do we sometimes place over-emphasis on material things? How can we make sure that we are invested in God's kingdom? Is taking care of one's family and paying the bills a Christian's only responsibility? What should we do with our time?

Pastor Michael Mirra shares with the Babylon SDA Church a message on God's Timing. We often want things when we want them but God often has His own timing. How can we learn to trust God's timing?

Elder Lou talks about the importance of faith and prayer. What is the relationship between faith and prayer? Does God answer prayers without faith? What can we learn to enhance our prayer lives?

Pastor Michael Mirra speaks on the origins of Halloween and its entrance into Christianity. Can the dead really speak to us? Is there a time in which the dead can walk among us and communicate with us? Can occultism be truly Christianized? What is the connection between the pagan festivals, All Saints Day, and modern secular practice on October 31st? What does the Bible have to say?

Elder Paulette Heinlein preaches on the subject of emotions and how we may occasionally, as human beings, get angry at God. The important thing is that we don't remain that way. Paulette shares personal testimonies and life stories about her own journey and walk with God.

We must strengthen our foundations in God's Holy Word! On what are we building the foundation of our lives? God has given us a way to measure all things. Do we have a secular or a Christian world-view? Does how we view the world matter in these last days?

Dr. Michael Parrinello speaks at the Babylon SDA Church. Hannah was barren and despised by her husbands other wife, but God looked upon Hannah and answered her prayer, giving her a son: Samuel. In response, Hannah dedicated her son to service in the temple and the child became a mighty prophet of God. Parents must dedicate their children to the Lord!

How can we endure the challenges of that this world presents to us and still hold on to our faith in Jesus? How can we experience the conditions of Habakkuk but yet still have joy in Christ? Pastor Steve Siciliano shares his thoughts and reflections on the book of Habakkuk and lessons for the church today.

Elder John Spellman of the Babylon SDA Church preaches on Jesus message to Peter in Luke 22. Jesus warned that Satan desired Peter to sift him as wheat. In the same way the devil is desiring to sift people in the church today. But Jesus still intercedes and we must strengthen one another when we've been converted.

Pastor Mirra speaks on the importance of Baptism and the salvation experience. Shortly after a church baptism for Steve and Christina Guarneri follows along with a laying on of hands service.

Elder Eugene Heinlein speaks on the two great commandments, sanctification, and Christian love. We are here as objects to be sanctified. If we don't have love we have nothing.

Dr. Carrol preaches at the Babylon SDA Church for Health Day speaking on the faith of the men who uncovered the roof and lowered their friend to be healed by Jesus!

Elder Eugene Heinlein speaks on early American History: the story of Louise and Clark. The military expedition that began with harsh rules and strict punishments ended in a completely different manner than it began when they arrived at their destination. What made the difference? People working as a team.

Elder Lou Pescatore preaches on evangelism focusing on the story of the fisherman catching more fish than they could handle. Is the Church today prepared for the catch of souls? How can we take our message to the community? What does God expect of us?

Devin Lilly preaches a sermon for part 2 of Youth Day, several musical selections by Devin Lilly and Eddie Schinella, Central Islip Spanish SDA, and more. Panel discussion hosted by Suzette Espirit with panelists Devin Lilly, Ron Ritter, Paulette Heinlein, and Jael.

Natalie Spellman's Youth Day Program "Rise Up and Let Your Light Shine". The youth conduct service. Michael Parrinello Jr. and Tanya Alonso preach, Jacqueline Holmes conducts the children's story, Tanya, Nafisa, and Jacqueline perform a sign dance, several special music selections and contributions by the youth of Babylon SDA Church.

Elder John Spellman preaches on being patient in God's timing. Do we wait on God's promises? Are there times when we try to help God out just like Abraham and Sarah? Sometimes lack of patience leads to us trying to reinterpret God's promises when we don't see things happen as we expect them to. We need more faith and trust in God.

Watch our service when we broadcast live: Saturdays from 11:00 am to 12:00 (or 12:30 pm) depending on the sermon. We hope you enjoy worship with us and, if you're in the area, we encourage you to join us in person. Babylon SDA is a friendly church that we think you should make your home church!

Michael Parrinello Ph.D. preaches on the subject of parenting and raising children. Are we spending enough time with our children? Are we allowing ourselves to be too busy? Should we be making more quality time with them? What happens if we don't spend enough time with them?

Watch our service when we broadcast live: Saturdays from 11:00 am to 12:00 (or 12:30 pm) depending on the sermon. We hope you enjoy worship with us and, if you're in the area, we encourage you to join us in person. Babylon SDA is a friendly church that we think you should make your home church!

Watch our service when we broadcast live: Saturdays from 11:00 am to 12:00 (or 12:30 pm) depending on the sermon. We hope you enjoy worship with us and, if you're in the area, we encourage you to join us in person. Babylon SDA is a friendly church that we think you should make your home church!

What makes a person influential? How can a person encourage a person rather than discourage? How can we be more of an encouragement to others within our sphere of influence. Elder Eugine Heinlein shares his thoughts while also inviting church members to share there incite.

Pastor Steve Leddy talks about church unity and Jesus' prayer for the church. What does unity look like? How powerful could a united church be in our community? Are we meant to be in isolation or part of a supportive nurturing community?

Many of our youth are being swept into the worship of an impersonal god. They will say I am not religious but spiritual. This sermon by Pastor Michael Mirra will help you recognize the characteristics of the worship of the god of Mush.

Elder Lou Pescatore preaches on the Adventist message, the reality of the judgment, and the return of Jesus Christ. Are we saved not to cooperate with God or is there a work to be done by Gods people in these last days? What is the role of the church in Evangelism and Christian living? Are Christians supposed to live transformed lives? Is legalism the true threat to the church?

Pastor Michael Mirra preaches on the 28th Fundamental belief dealing with the New Earth and the life of the redeemed after Jesus has dealt with the sin problem. What will life be like? The Bible teaches that eye has not seen nor the ear heard what God has prepared for those who love Him!

Michael Parrinello Ph.D. presents on the plan of salvation. Jesus is both humanity and divinity. Jesus was entirely dependent upon God. His temptations were real, yet He never sinned. He got the victory where Adam and Eve fell. Christians today can have that victory!

This women's day Dr. Celeste preaches on how to do the work of the Lord in a positive way and get to the finish line. How can we make an impact in our community? Are we living life as an exclamation point or as a question mark?

Elder John Spellman preaches on the Elisha and the healing of the waters of Jericho that were cursed for many years using a cruse of salt. What special message might this hold for us today? Are we like the living water or the corrupted water that makes the land barren?

Elder Eugene Heinlein preaches on God's love. How can we be assured that God loves us. God draws people with patience, with love, by holding them in His hand, and does so time and time again.

Pastor Michael Mirra preaches on the Millenium and the end of sin the 27th fundamental belief of the Adventist Church. What is God's plan to deal with the sin problem? What will happen during the 1 Thousand years? Who will take part in each of the two resurrections? Is there really a such thing as hell? Will Jesus return to Earth 3 times? What does this mean for Christians today?

Dr. Michael Parrinello preaches on the Sabbath of Easter a special message regarding faith in the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Without this event, years ago, the Christian faith would be without hope. What took place during the resurrection? What did it mean for those who place faith in Jesus Christ? How should this event impact our faith today?

Elder Lou Pescatore preaches on the 3rd Angel's message. Are we prepared for the end times. What does the 3rd angel's message mean for Adventists today? Is the 2nd Coming of Jesus really near? Where are we in the prophetic timeline? Elder Lou shares a message of Present Truth for the Church today.

Brother Jimmy Rivera preaches on why we need to study the Bible. How can the Bible make the difference in our lives? Is it enough to have a Bible but never read it? Who is the author of scripture? Can we truly trust it? What does the Bible say about itself and how we should relate to it?

Celeste speaks on the story of Ruth and discusses the difficult journey of Ruth and Naomi in a patriarchal society. God made provision for Ruth and Naomi who trusted in God. Today God will do the same for us. Celeste connects Ruth sleeping at the feet of Boaz with Mary washing the feet of Jesus with her hair. What message might this have for Christians today?

Elder Eugene preaches on 1 John 1 and 2 Timothy 4:7-8. As we run the race of salvation we are encouraged to fight the good fight and to keep pressing toward the mark, which is Christ.

Pastor Steve Leddy preaches on daring to live differently. As Christians we are called to live different from the world but so often we live exactly the same way. Can a Christian really live different from those in the world. Does the salvation experience really change things for the Christian?

Pastor Mirra preaches on Fundamental belief #26 dealing with death and resurrection. What really happens when a person dies? Do people go right to heaven or right to hell? Can we, or anyone else, communicate with the dead? Can our ancestors or loved ones communicate with us after death? What is the Biblical view?

Michael Parrinello PhD preaches on spiritual maturity and our need to grow in Christ. Following Phillipians, he outlines the markers of Christian growth and maturity: Abounding Love, Growing in Knowledge, Spiritual Discernment, Spiritual Integrity, being filled with the Fruit of Righteousness, and Glorifying God.

Pastor Michael Mirra ordains Nick Duran and Mike Albert as deacons, in addition to John Spellman as an elder. He then continues his series on the 28 Fundamental Beliefs dealing with the subject of the 2nd Coming of Jesus. Will Jesus really return to earth? How can we be sure? What signs of the times point to the return of Christ.

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