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Watch our video sermon archive of past messages preached at the Babylon SDA Church. We hope that you will be blessed by the messages and encouraged to join us in person. 
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John Spellman completes his 3 part series on the 3rd Angel's Message discussing the final test of the end times. Who will receive the mark of the beast? How can we obtain the seal of God? Who is the beast and what is the beasts mark? How does one avoid the mark? What end time conditions will confront God's people? Should we be afraid? How does faith play a role in the survival of God's people?

Pastor Michael Mirra speaks on spiritual gifts and how the church members are granted these gifts for the work of the ministry. How does God expect us to use our gifts? What spiritual gifts does God give us? How do these gifts work together to build up the church? These days many churches are taking on a Pastor centered approach that is causing the death of the church. Instead, church members are empowered for the work of the ministry and in churches that allow this empowerment, growth is evident.

Paulette Heinlein preaches on the perfect "10" in sports and how that may often relate to our spirituality and our walk with Christ. In this short sermonette, she discusses how Jesus must be the end goal as we prepare for heaven.


Pastor Mirra continues his series on the 28 Fundamental beliefs and discusses the Lord's Supper, unity in the body of Christ, and the bread from heaven. What did mana, received by the children of Israel during the exodus, have to do with the Lord's supper? What lessons in the Israelites receiving the mana can we take for our lives today? How should we relate to one another? What makes a person unworthy to receive the Lord's Supper?

Elder Lou Pescatore preaches on the importance of being faithful to the end and allowing the Holy Spirit to make the necessary changes needed in our lives just before Jesus comes. Are we prepared to meet Jesus? Have we been filled with the Holy Spirit? Elder Lou draws comparison between the rich young ruler, the church of Laodecia, and God's people in these last days. He calls upon us to buy of Christ the robe of righteousness. 

John Spellman preaches part 2 of the 3 part series on the 3 angels message: Babylon Is Fallen. What does this message mean for the church today? God is calling a people out of Babylon. But, is it possible to recognize what the Book of Revelation meant by Babylon? Is there still a false system of worship that is uniting with the world against God today? Who is the great harlot of Revelation? How does it influence and play a role in the system of confusion that exists today? What is God telling Christians in order to prepare them for the final crisis? Are we as Christians still in Babylon in one way or another? God is calling us to come out of her, my people!

First Elder Kevin Lilly discusses the importance of helping each other and transparency. As many in the church experience the personal challenges of their lives we must remember that the church body is present to help them get through difficult times. However, this is difficult if people are not transparent and willing to open up. Often we think we know each other, but there is much about each other we don't know and don't share. In order for us to love one another we need to be willing to get to know each other. 

Pastor Mirra talks about Baptism as a fundamental belief of the Seventh-day Adventist Church. Baptism is the start of a new life with Christ and a death to the old life of self and sin. Like how Christ was buried and resurrected, we have the opportunity to be buried in the water and resurrected to a new life with Christ. 

Dr. Michael Parrinello, PhD. speaks on the 10th night of the week of prayer reminding us that all souls belong to God and we must stand firm for our belief and conviction that Jesus is coming soon. There will be a final judgment in which all souls are accountable to their Creator. The conditions of Jesus' time in which He commanded His apostles to preach to the world are strikingly similar to our time today. God is looking to fill the church with His Spirit, but God does not empower churches that do not plan to use that power for the advancement of His Kingdom. 

Elder Eugene Heinlein preaches on Righteousness by Faith and points us to the greatest Father's Day in History. As we await the close of history, Eugene reflects on the history of the Advent Movement and the 1888 debate of Jones and Waggoner. 

Dr. Michael Parrinello PhD discusses the importance of forgiveness and apologizing when we have wronged or offended others. As God freely forgives us we must forgive others and be willing to seek their forgiveness. At times we go to the individual privately, while at other times a public apology may be needed. You may be surprised to learn that this is the working of the Holy Spirit!

Pastor Michael Mirra continues his series on the fundamental beliefs of the Adventist Church. This week he speaks on the Unity of the Body  as well as starting a new life in Christ. Every member of the church is part of the body of Christ. As such, we are all called to service and given gifts by the Holy Spirit for equipping of the saints and the work of the ministry.

Pastor Michael Mirra baptizes 3 individuals at the Babylon SDA Church in Long Island Babylon, NY. Afterward, he and the elders lay hands on the new members as a symbol of their call to service.

Pastor Michael Mirra preaches on the 3 Angel's Message as he discusses "The Remnant and it's Mission". Continuing his series on the fundamental beliefs of the Adventist Church, Pastor Mirra shows how the messages of Revelation 14 connect with the church and it's mission today. He challenges us to fulfill the mission God gave to the church.

Elder Michael Parrinello, PhD preaches on the story of the Roman Centurion who asks Jesus to heal his servant. Elder Parrinello focuses on some of the history of the Roman empire and its relations with the Jewish people that helps us to understand why this story is so amazing. This story has a powerful message for us today about faith and what it means to truly live our faith.

Sister Loune-Alex Benoit preaches on returning children to God who is the giver of children. Do we dedicate and consecrate our children to God? Hannah, the mother of Samuel was blessed with an amazing gift. What she did with that gift may catch us by surprise, especially when we see what God does in return. As we celebrate Women's Day, and reflect upon the blessings of the women in our lives, Loune invites us to return to the sender!

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John Spellman speaks on the 1st Angels message. What does this message have to do with our time today? Should it still be preached in churches? Why is the Sabbath the center of controversy in today's world? Why is Creation so important to our faith? If the hour of judgment is come, what does that mean for believers today? This presentation focuses on the ever-lasting gospel that must be preached to all before the end can come.

Elder Lou Pescatore preaches on the story of Jairus and the miracles of Jesus. Often Jesus addressed His disciples' lack of belief and faithlessness. He stated that if they would only believe, the problems they faced, which seemed to insurmountable, would be trivial as God worked on their behalf. How might Jesus be encouraging us today through this story? Are there times when we too are afraid and faithless? What would happen if we would only believe? 

Pastor Michael Mirra preaches on the 11th fundamental belief: growing in Christ. What does it mean to grow in Christ? How does our prayer life play a role in how much we grow? How do the prophecies of the Bible speak to our need for growth? How can a person know if they are growing? What can the Holy Spirit do in a person's life? How do the things we choose to do or not do with our time influence our spiritual growth?

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