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Watch our video sermon archive of past messages preached at the Babylon SDA Church. We hope that you will be blessed by the messages and encouraged to join us in person. 
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The members of the Babylon Seventh-day Adventist Church put together a tribute in honor of Barry Edwards who recently passed away. Though they could not attend the funeral in Florida, they are with the family in spirit as they share thoughts, moments, and reflections with the Edwards family.

Pastor Michael Mirra preaches on the Heavenly Sanctuary and Christ's ministry since 1844. Based on Daniel chapter 8, Pastor Mirra discusses the work of Jesus as our heavenly High Priest and the 2300 day prophecy. What does the Day of Atonement or Yom Kippur mean for Christians today? Does God really have a judgment?

Pastor Michael Mirra preaches on the fundamental belief dealing with marriage and family. Has the world gone contrary to clear Biblical teaching? As we explore the book of Genesis, we find what God put in place in the Garden of Eden. What does God expect of us in marriage? Why does God hate divorce? How are we to raise children? Are all families accepted by God?

Elder John Spellman preaches at Babylon SDA about parenting and the upbringing of children. How should parents relate to their children? Is it a good idea to be your child's friend? Do we really show love to people when we don't correct them? How does God, as a parent, deal with us as His children? As Christians, if we refuse to correct others, do we really show them love? This sermon focuses on the story of Eli and his two sons.

Eugene Heinlein preaches on the subject "unblinded". Focuses on the story of Jesus healing a blind man by spitting and making clay to put on his eyes. The man's sight did not return entirely right away. He couldn't see clearly at first. His ability to see returned eventually showing that sometimes our ability to see comes as we continue in our walk with Jesus. 

John Spellman preaches on the true meaning of Christmas. Though Jesus wasn't born on December 25th, the Christian world commemorates His first advent. But why did Jesus come to this world as a baby? What was the purpose of His arrival? What hope is there in the first coming of Jesus for people today? What are we really celebrating in the Christmas season? Was Jesus really the Son of God? Why was He called Immanuel? These questions are explored as we discuss the true meaning of Christmas.

Christmas Eve Sabbath performance by a talented singing group at the Babylon SDA Church.

Lou Pescatore preaches on grace and worship. How does the experience of grace influence our worship experience? Lou focuses on Psalm 73: 11-17.

December 2016 Christmas show with the youth of Babylon SDA Church. This is the full video of the production from December 10th.

Based on Philippians 1:6, Paulette Heinlein shares a word from the Lord. She speaks on the subject of assurance of Salvation. Can we ever have assurance? Can we know that we are saved?

Pastor Steve Leddy speaks on our call to multiply. Are Christians to sit idle and do nothing? Are only Pastors and elders called to work? Did Jesus want all disciples to have a part to play or just members of the clergy? What is the role of every Christian in ministry? How can church planting help church growth? Should we grow more churches or focus on the ones we have?

Brother Carlisle Benoit preaches on what it means to have the mind of Christ. What exactly is the mind of Christ and how can Christians today have the same mindset? What is it about the mind of Christ that was so radically different and life changing? How can we have this mind in our world today?

Pastor Mirra continues his series on the 28 Fundamental beliefs of the Seventh-day Adventist church focusing this week on stewardship. When God entrusts something to us, what does He expect of us? How can we give back to God? What is the tithe? What are other ways in which we give back to God?

John Spellman speaks on Luke 17, focusing on the 10 lepers whom Jesus healed. Of these 10 lepers only 1, a Samaritan, returned to glorify God. What can we learn from this powerful story about our relationship with God. Are we like the 9 lepers who never returned? Or are we like the one that glorified God?

Pastor Michael Mirra speaks on the 20th Fundamental belief of the Seventh-day Adventist Church dealing with the Sabbath. Was the Sabbath part of the ceremonial laws that have been done away? Does the Bible speak in favor of or against the Sabbath? How are we to understand texts like Colossians 2:16? How should the Sabbath be kept? Is it important to Christians today, or is it a command we should take lightly?

Sister Celeste Cirigliano preaches on starting over. Many people seek to start over on New Years with goals and resolutions. Few, however, about 8%, keep these resolutions. Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year, is a time of starting over just before Yom Kippur (The Day of Atonement). We are living in the antitype of this holiday. Christ offers us a chance to start over with no shame, guilt, or condemnation.

Pastor Mirra discusses the law of God and it's relationship to Christians saved by grace. What is the difference between obedience and legalism? Should faith be evident in how we live our lives as Christians? How should a Christian relate to the law of God? If God is love and love is a relationship, what should this say about how we view God's law? The 19th fundamental belief of the Seventh-day Adventist church is controversial in many circles of Christianity. But what does the Bible say?

Pastor Michael Mirra continues his series on the 28 Fundamentals discussing the gift of prophecy. Does God still speak through prophets today. How can we know if a person is a true prophet.

Devin Lilly shares his testimony of his mission trip to Cambodia. He shares how his life was changed and he learned that you can't out give God! In his efforts to be the best missionary he could be, God showed him the true nature of giving.

Jesus calls us to be Christ-like not childish. But what is the difference? What aspects of a child did Jesus want to see in his followers? How can we have childlike trust and faith today? Why did Jesus use a child to make an illustration about reaching heaven? How did Jesus relate to children when He was hear on earth and what does that mean for us today? Following VBX Pastor Mirra shares what the children learned.

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